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My April Fools Baby!

My April Fools Baby!

Last weekend we celebrated my youngest son's first birthday. To say the first year of having two under two was a blur is a complete understatement. It feels like just yesterday we were preparing for baby "H's" arrival and getting a nursery ready for our boys to share (read past posts on Newborn Essentials, Making Room for Baby, and Countdown to Baby). While year one has felt like the fastest year of my life, there was something really sweet and slow about his first birthday weekend. I was present, I enjoyed mini moments with him throughout the weekend and it was perfect in so many ways. 


 I want both boys to look back on their childhood, birthday celebrations and big milestones through photos and to scroll through the pictures not only to see that each and every party was rooted in love, but to see how many special people they have in their lives. Our celebrations aren't over the top, but they are special and I love documenting them in photos. 


The cake is always my favorite part of the party, especially for the first birthday. Watching your little ones faces light up is the best feeling. We use Sweet Cupcakes for all of our parties and I couldn't be happier (you can see my oldest son's First Birthday and Second Birthday) with how their cakes have turned out. I literally email them an image of what I want, schedule a pick-up date and it's that easy.

Harrison absolutely LOVED his first cupcake and barely left any crumbs to spare. He was in his glory and savored every bite! 


This photo of our little family is my absolute favorite and I'm so happy we were able to capture this moment of the four of us. 


This was by far my favorite moment of the day. Having both boys together and the excitement around blowing out that first candle was pretty special. 


All and all it was a successful first birthday and I look forward to all the excitement, and toddler challenges, to come in year two! 

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