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My Favorite  Podcasts & The 10 Episodes You Need to Listen To

My Favorite Podcasts & The 10 Episodes You Need to Listen To

Happy Monday! I’m kicking off the week with a post (can you believe it?!). Because finding time to read and catch-up on my favorite blogs and sites has been hard, I’ve found podcasts to be the perfect way to get a dose of inspiration and motivation. I find it so easy to listen to an episode while folding laundry, if out for a run or weekend car rides while the kids nap. I’ve come across some good ones and rounded-up a short list of a few of the podcasts and episodes that I’ve really enjoyed. They all seem to tie back to the same themes - organization and productivity.

The month of September always feels like a reset for me - even more so then the month of January. Something about back to school, a new planner (yes, I use a good ole fashion planner), the transition to Fall and schedule changes always makes me take a step back and reflect. I also find this is a good time to focus on making small changes and ending the year on a positive note.

My focus lately has been really centered on organization, decluttering and clearing out all the noise from my closet, desk, inbox, schedule and the list goes on. This might sound all too encompassing or a bit broad, but I’ve found a few podcasts that have really helped me focus. The podcasts below have made a big impact and I’ve welcomed some of the concepts and changes that I’ve learned into my daily routine as well as our home. Our schedules haven’t changed much since last year, but our morning routine and overall tone in our house feels different because I’ve made small changes that are having a noticeable impact. Hope you enjoy the episodes!

Good to Be Home

There is something so soothing about Mika’s voice and her approach to organization feels really attainable. She co-hosts Good to Be Home with her husband, Russ Perry, and it’s always a good balance of topics, perspectives and areas of improvement. They cover a range of topics from productivity, organization business management and everything in between. Mika also has a beautiful blog and I really enjoy her content. She created a 30-day declutter challenge, which I recently started. Her challenge has me cleaning out little corners of our home that have gone neglected over the years and it feels so good to be tackling the problem drawers, cabinets and bins that have accumulated too many things.

Episode #67: How to Conquer Your Email Inbox

Episode #59 Helping Your Spouse Get Organized

Episode #37: More Tips for Organizing Your Life

Episode #34: Tips For Achieving Balance in the New Year

And, I really enjoyed Mika’s guest appearance on the 30 in 30 podcast, How to Organize Yourself and Your Home for the New School Year with Mika Perry

The Balanced Life

Robin from The Balanced Life focuses on creating resources and workouts for busy women on the go. Even though her focus is centered around fitness, her podcast if really targets healthy living and ways we can all seek to achieve balance. The first episode I listened to with Natalie Borton made me realize how important routines are and what I was missing in what often feels like a frazzled day. To me, staying organized really plays into centering me and helping me achieve a sense of balance even if things are chaotic and busy.

Episode #07: Renee Hahnel: Organizational Hacks, Protecting Creative Energy and Doing the Best We Can

Episode #4: Sandra Chuma: Morning Routines, Asking for Help, and Letting go of Rigid Food Labels

Additional Episodes

I’m a huge fan of Shira Gill, her Virtual Closet Makeover and all of the great tips and resources she shares. She has such a practical approach to organizing and while a closet makeover may seem simple, I realized the power of “stuff” goes way beyond all of the things I have in our house and my closet. Shira also has a life coaching background and has found a way to seamless weave this into her approach for decluttering. She has a two part series on The Life Coach, which I highly recommend.

Episode #216: Vital Changes with Shira Gill

Episode #217: Organization with Shira Gill

I hope you add these episodes to your line-up and that you are able to kick-off your week on a good note. More importantly I hope these episodes introduce you to a new perspective on how to find balance regardless if it’s with your schedule, closet or even day-to-day management of the on-going and daily life demands.

If you have any organization or wellness podcasts or specific episodes that you recommend, please share them. I really want to build a running list and continue to share them with you all!

Life These Days Mixed with a Few Favorites

Life These Days Mixed with a Few Favorites