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Picky toddler, Do you have one?

Picky toddler, Do you have one?

I don’t know about you but there are two things as I mom that I have stressed about since day one: sleep and food consumption. I’m always wondering are they getting enough sleep? Is our sleep schedule right? Are they eating enough? Are they getting enough nutrients and healthy food in their system. Both sleep and food can sometimes be inconsistent, but when I find something they like, and that I feel good about them having, then it’s a win for all of us.


This is where Ograin and their kids bars come in to play - my kids love them and love that it provides them with clean nutrients, which include:

  • 11g whole grains 

  • 6g fiber 

  • 50% less sugar* (compared to other brands)

  • Taste kids love 

  • Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO and Organic


My youngest is such a great eater and it has been such a different experience compared to my oldest who will be three in a couple of weeks. Since my oldest was 18-month he’s been a bit fussy so finding healthy snacks perfect of lunch or on the go can be challenging sometimes, but he likes these bars and as you can see, he loves lining up them all up - smile!


My littles also always wants to be in the mix on what big brother is doing and eating and he loves these bars as well. This keeps both kids happy when we are on the go and need an easy snack!


Orgain Kids Bars are available at and you can receive 20% off all Orgain Kids products with the promo code: PACKPICKY until 9/15.


I hope you and your littles try Ograin and love the bars just as much as our family!

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